Episode 1.1 (air date 4/27/15)—actor Amanda Schoonover recreates her infamous commercial.


Episode 1.2 (air date: 5/4/15)—stage manager Marguerite Price recounts misadventures with an 80s detective series actress.


Episode 1.3 (air date: 5/11/15)—playwright Jacqueline Goldfinger explains why her last name is so cool.


Episode 1.4 (air date: 5/18/15)—director David O’Connor does a little clowning.


Episode 1.5 (air date: 5/25/15)—actress and director Charlotte Northeast helps build a living room fort.


Episode 2.1 (air date 11/9/15)—actor Corinna Burns impersonates an Irish mermaid.


Episode 2.2 (air date 11/16/15)—sound designer Robert Kaplowitz shows off his Tony Award.


Episode 2.3 (air date 11/23/15)—actor, director, and dramaturg Kittson O’Neill talks about her boring near-adventure with Coolio.


Episode 2.4 (air date 12/7/15)—author, playwright, and actor B.J. Burton spills the dirt about standing in for Helen Hunt and Jodie Foster.


Episode 2.5 (air date 12/14/15)—playwright and screenwriter Bruce Graham dishes about writing movies about monkeys.


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