Nicholas Wardigo (writer, performer, editor, website guy, caterer, quipper)
Nick is a Philadelphia-based playwright whose plays have been produced by such forward-thinking theaters as the MacKnight Foundation (Philadelphia), Plays & Players Theatre, Straw Flower Productions, Philadelphia Theatre Workshop, the Brick Playhouse, the Theater Alliance (Washington, DC), and The Phoenix Theatre (Indianapolis). He’s also won some grants, has staged readings occasionally, and blogs about writing and theater on his other site,

Anthony Sortino (camera, lights, sound, ninja repellent)
Tony is the proud owner of Hophound Productions LLC, a full-service production and promotions company which organizes beer dinners, tastings, and classes on brewing. As a film maker, he’s worked on everything from major film productions to local and national commercial spots. As a chef, he’s worked with most of the major breweries in the country. Please follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Jim Speer (theme music, explosives, furtive glances)
Jim wrote the theme music for this show. Jim also wrote the theme music to some other shows a few times. Jim has also written music for his band Broadside Electric and for

Aurora Johansen-Wardigo (desserts, spousal support)
When Aurora isn’t conquering the world, one website at a time, she’s plying artists to appear on her husband’s web show with tasty confections.

Hades (security)
Hades was a pernicious defender who feigned laziness to misdirect his opponents.  Sadly, our little warrior crossed the Rainbow Bridge to Valhalla in November 2017, but you can still gape at his thrilling exploits in previous episodes of Martinis with Nick.